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Wildlife, wild flowers and bird photography is my passion. Join me in some of the most rewarding wildlife destinations to be found. Nepal, Madagascar, Sabah & Sarawak in Borneo and the Philippine Islands

NEPAL Photography

If you love nature, please come and share with us the beautiful Himalayan wildflowers and spectacular landscapes. More than 7000 plants species are found in the Nepal

As a Professional Nature Photographer, Clyde O’Donnell has carefully timed tours for Spring and Autumn wildflower displays. Spectacular temperate rainforests of rhododendron, Magnolia, spuce, daphne, virbunum, luculia, primula & orchids. In alpine meadows, blue poppies, adelvise, delpinium, gentian, iris, swertia, lillium to name a few

On our standard trekking tours we often see as many as 60 species of birds including iridescent Impyan Pheasant, giant Lammergeier Vultures and huge Eagles, Blue Sheep, Thar, & Mongoose. Almost 1000 bird  species live in Nepal


After our standard trekking tours we often visit Royal Chitwan National Park in southern Nepal. We regularly photograph Rhino, Bears, 4 species of deer and buffalo from the back of an Elephant. We have also seen Leopards and Bengal Tiger. 550 bird species are found here.

We offer an all inclusive 2 night/3 day  package tour to Chitwan for $A200 plus a domestic airfare.

Clyde offers free advice on general and nature photography on all tours

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If bird and wildlife photography is your passion Clyde now offers exclusive bird tours in the Himalayan foothills including some locations in temperate rainforest where new species may still be discovered (I recently photographed 74 species in one location in a single day) At another location in south western Nepal I photographed 241 species in 3 days.

Our expert bird guide on these tours is considered by many as Nepals most experienced bird expert. Tours are from 7 to 12 days in Spring & Autumn and we stay in home and lodge accommodation, however camping in remote forested locations is also an option. 

LANDCOST:  $A1,800 to $A3,200 Per person/Twin share. Includes Accommodation, Meals, Transport, Guides (alcohol is extra) 1 on 1 or 2 person tours can also be arranged, contact me for costs.                  

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As Chitwan National Park has become heavily developed in recent years Aus Global Soft Adventures now organize exciting new  5 to 7 day Bengal Tiger Tours from a stunning new location in Bardia National Park.

The resort, surrounded by gardens has 12 rooms, a restaurant and bar, the perfect location to spend time and enjoy wildlife photography. Wild elephants and Bengal Tigers are usually seen on a daily basis in March/April/May and often in Oct/Nov.  Up to 400 bird species have been recorded here and an expert guide assists us on elephant, jeep and boat safaris.

LANDCOST: $A2,400 to $A3,200 Per person/Twin share. Includes Accommodation, Meals, Transport, Guides (alcohol is extra)                                      

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Madagascar is a perfect location for wildlife photography, most national parks are easily accessed and offer spectacular animal bird and reptile photography. Aus Global Soft adventures escort you on tours to eastern, central and south west Madagascar on a standard 14 day tour.  Famous for its Lemurs (some 78 species) beautiful birds,rare colorful frogs, spectacular Chameleons (about 90 species) and ancient spiny forests to explore.

Tailored tours to Madagascar can include Tsiribihina River & Tsingy de Bamaraha, great for birds reptiles and lemurs, amazing limestone formations and the Bao Bab forest near Morandava. In central Madagascar Parc Nationa d'Ankarafantsika and wetlands is a paradise for bird photographers.

The northern parks of Speciale Reserve de l'Ankarana and Parc National de Montagne d'Ambre are excellent for wildlife photography. On the north east coast Parc National de Masoala is still discovering new species, an exciting area to visit however it rains here much of the year. 

LANDCOST: $A2,895 Per Person/twin share. Includes Accommodation, breakfasts, transport, Guides tips, Nat Park fees. Not Included main meals (approx $A150 for duration of tour) a domestic flight if required ($A295) and alcohol. 1 on 1 or 2 person tours can be arranged, contact me for costs.

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Best known for its Orang Utans, Sabah & Sarawak offer some of the best wildlife photography anywhere in the world. Eight primates are found here and we have photographed all of them on our tours. About 550 beautiful birds, 900 butterflies, flying lizards, frogs & geckoes.

Orchids,ferns and Pitcher Plants are also a feature of Sabah and Sarawak, more than 3000 species of orchids. Photography is excellent at most times of the year but orchids are at their best in Sept/Oct/Nov.

For bird photographers Hornbills, Sunbirds, Kingfishers, Trogons, Broadbills, Barbets, Leafbirds and Bee Eaters are some of the most colourful and spectacular and our Birding & Wildlife tours take you to most of the best birding locations including Danum Valley, Tabin, Kinabatangan River, Mt Kinabalu, Bako & Gunung Mulu to name a few.

LANDCOST: $A1,900 to $A2,450 Per Person/Twin share. Includes Accommodation, breakfasts,1 Domestic flight, transport, Guides, tips. Not Included, alcohol and main meals to allow flexability on where you dine. (approx. $A200 for 14 days however seafood is reasonably expensive)   If you would like to add a 3 day/2 night all inclusive package to both Danum Valley & Tabin Wildlife Reserve please add $A1,600

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Comprising of some 7,140 islands there are more bird species here than in Borneo and many are spectacular and endemic. we use a local bird expert for these tours. Most of our tours are around Luzon & Palawan and surrounding small islands, most of which are national parks, uninhabited and pristine.

We offer trekking and bird photography and our exclusive Primative Hilltribe Tours are colorful and rewarding, meet these amazing people still hunting their food with blowpipes. Island photography is stunning on undisturbed white sandy beaches surrounded by a clear aqua green sea and coral reef.

LANDCOST: Per Person/Twin share $A2,775 to $A3,000 Includes Accommodation, a Day Tour to Primative Hill Tribes, breakfasts, transport, Guides, tips. Not Included Domestic flight if required and main meals to allow flexability on where you dine (approx $A200 for 14 days)


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