14 to 23 Day, Nepal, Borneo, Madagascar, Philippines

Clyde's Wildlife & Photography Tours

With more than 40 years of travel and photographic experience and over 1000 publications, Clyde now shares his experience with photographers and nature lovers for the experience of a lifetime to such exciting places as Borneo, Nepal, Madagascar & Philippine islands in the ideal seasons. Clyde escorts you on each tour with an expert local guide in each country to researched locations to find and photograph wildlife. With todays DSLR cameras stunning wildlife photography is now within everyones reach. Many compact digital cameras are also ideal, especially for macro photography. Clyde will offer free tuition on all forms of wildlife photography. NEXT TOUR: On request at any time of the year


Sabah and Sarawak in Borneo, is home to some 550 beautiful birds including 8 different hornbills, Bee Eaters, Sunbirds and Kingfishers to name a few plus 900 exquisite tropical butterflies and giant Atlas Moths. Many fascinating animals including 8 different primates, Gibbon, Orang Utan and Tarsier plus flying lizards, flying squirrels and flying frogs to name a few and we take you on night tours to see the shyest of animals. Orchids in their thousands, Pitcher Plants, ferns and rhododendrons are just some of the plants in this amazing country. We visit all the major National Parks and some private parks.    Click here to visit Borneo images    CONTACT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In Madagascar, a 1,600 kilometer long island, Clyde escorts you to all the major parks in almost every part of the country, using an experienced local guide in each park. We go in search of 78 different Lemur species in a variety of environments including the huge limestone formations, the dry spiny forests and temperate and tropical rainforests. At night we do nocturnal tours with park guides to see the elusive Mouse Lemurs plus the amazing Leaf-tail Geckoes and many Chameleons, about 90 species found on the island. We float down rivers to photograph beautiful birds such as kingfishers, bee eaters and eagles and into the rainforest to see iridescent sunbirds, the Paradise Flycatcher, blue pigeons and the elusive Madagascar Crested Ibis to name a few. There are also many beautiful butterflies, frogs and strange plants to see. Click here to visit Madagascar images

In Nepal we do short treks in the Himalayan foothills of Rhododendron, Daphne and Magnolia to see animals plus an astonishing number of beautiful birds and butterflies. In southern Nepal. In the Teri region we visit Royal Chitwan National Park, home to almost 600 bird species, Leopard, Bear, Bengal Tiger, One Horned Indian Rhino and 5 species of deer to name a few. We also visit other parks and forested areas of Southern Nepal with one of Nepals most experienced birders. We photograph many water birds including the Storks, kingfishers, Bee Eaters and Rollers as well as huge eagles and Voltures that soar overhead. Nepal boasts almost 1000 bird species in a country the size of Victoria. Clyde can also take you on tours into the sub alpine regions in Spring & Autumn if plants are your interest, over 6000 species are found in Nepal.     Click here to visit Nepal images

Throughout each tour Clyde offers free photographic tuition and uses high quality photographic equipment to bring you a DVD of your experience to take home at the end of the tour. Our accommodation is in homes hotels and lodges, camping is possible on request. Next NEPAL BIRDING TOUR May 5 to 15 2018  (dates still flexible)

GROUP SIZE : From 1 on 1 to 15 participants
LAND COST For 6 or more $3,600 to $4,800 depending on location and duration.
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