10 to 14 Day Sabah and or Sarawak, Malaysia

SABAH & SARAWAK offer some of the most exciting wildlife experiences anywhere in the world. Orang-utans, Gibbons and Tarzia are just a few of the primates, eagles, sunbirds, hornbills and kingfishers plus spectacular butterflies and orchids are just a few of the attractions. You enjoy high standard accommodation and cuisine and Clyde escorts you to the best locations to see and photograph wildlife, night tours are included. We now see Orang-utans in up to 5 locations and Clyde offers you free photographic tuition throughout the tour. We take you on short hikes and river boat tours. From $A2,950 RETURN for our Casual Tour and $4.675 for our all inclusive Premier Tour MARCH/JUNE/SEPTEMBER


Sabah Once known as North Borneo is a soverign country of Malaysia and remains a very safe and welcoming destination for tourists. Although British and European tourist have been holidaying in Sabah for decades it has only recently become a popular destination for Australian tourists.

Sabah can boast a very professional and friendly hospitality industry and has a very diverse variety of attractions to offer. As Sabah is just to the north of Australia it is a relatively cheap destination.

Aus Global Soft Adventures have combined a variety of attractions over the past 10 years to offer the holiday of a lifetime to all age groups.
We tailor the tour to our clients request with optional extras and holiday extensions to both Brunei and Sarawak on request. A guide escorts each group from Australia and for the duration of the tour.

Wildlife , beautiful beaches, small tropical islands, snorkelling, fishing, shopping, markets, photography, boat tours, Australian War Memorial, dining out, botanical gardens, butterfly farms, tree canopy walks, swimming, short bush walks, Orang-utans , hot springs and night tours to name a few are all part of our standard tour.

Sabah is a world renowned mecca for its spectacular wildlife and nature photography. Your guide Clyde is a professional nature photographer with over 1000 publications to date and offers advice on photography throughout each tour and takes you to the very best wildlife locations in the country.

Danum Valley and Tabin Wildlife Reserve are high standard resorts and offer some of the best photography and wildlife experiences in the country. Set in prime locations by rainforest streams, experienced local guides take us on wildlife excursions day and night, on foot and in 4 wheel drive.

Extensive tree canopy walks and beautiful waterfalls in pristine rainforest are part of the experience. On our last visit we photographed Mouse Deer, Elephants, Red Leaf Monkey, Borneo Gibbon, Kingfishers and 4 variety of Hornbill to name a few.

And at both locations awoke each morning to the amazing calls of the Borneo Gibbon with their young in arms. (Their calls can be heard for over a kilometre) Danum Valley and Tabin Wildlife Reserve are both 3 day packages and are optional extras on our Sabah tours.

Check out our IMAGE GALLERY and contact us for more details.

Aus Global Soft Adventure 10 to 16 day Borneo Tours

Fully organized tours are run to both the Malaysian Provinces of Sabah & Sarawak and suit all age groups. Clyde your guide escorts groups of 4 or more from Australia return. Tours to Sabah can be tailored to include Kota Kinabalu City, Mt Kinabalu National Park, Poring Hot Springs, Sandakan/Sepilok-Orang-utan Rehab. Sanctuary, Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary, The Kinabatangan River,The Australian War Memorial, Rainforest Discovery Centre, Crocker Range and Manukan Island. We can also organize a visit to both Tabin & Danum Valley Wildlife Resorts , both are spectacular and rewarding but expensive.

In Sarawak our destinations include Kuching City, Bako National Park(2 days), Gunung Mulu Nat Park(3 days), Gunung Gading Nat Park, Semenggoh Wildlife Rehab Centre, Kubah Nat Park and Sarawak Cultural Village. Pinnacles trekking is also possible.

Sabah & Sarawak are lush green tropical regions with a colourful culture and home to an extraordinary diversity of wildlife including Orang-utans, Gibbon, Tarzier, Loris, Deer, Elephants, Otter and many other mammals . Some 550 birds including 8 species of Hornbill, some larger than Eagles. Many thousands of plants including more than 3000 orchids and 900 ferns in Mt Kinabalu Nat. Park alone. Clyde your guide is a professional Nature Photographer, offers free tuition and provides you with spectacular images of the wildlife and scenery at the end of each tour. I will also take 1 on 1 tours, contact me for costs.

A Standard 10 to 14 Day Sabah Tour

DAY 1 Singapore to Kota Kinabalu (capital of Sabah) Relaxing by the swimming pool at a secluded beach resort, a great place to see a stunning sunset over the sea. Australian owned and managed the resort offers excellent cuisine at an upstairs open Bar/Restaurant

Day 2 A fun ride on a local bus into Kota Kinanbalu for shopping and dining or relaxing by the resort pool, set in a tropical garden.

Day 3 A 30 min domestic flight to Sandakan on the north east coast of Sabah offers a great view of Mt Kinabalu (4,100 meters) We enjoy bungalow resort accom, with a pool and restauant at Sepilok Forest Edge Resort and a visit to the Sepilok Orang-utan sanctuary.

Day 4 Today we will bus or boat to the mighty Kinabatangan River, an area teaming with wildlife including 5 different primates , birds and Elephants to name a few Day 5 Another day of wildlife safari by boat on the Kinabatangan River, we encounter many beautiful birds and other wildlife. We also enjoy excellent accom & cuisine at our secluded jungle resort Day 6 After another beautiful sunrise on the Kinabatangan River on our final boat safari we return to Sepilok with options to visit the Orang-utan Sanctuary a second time or the Botanical Discovery Centre or just to relax in the pool at our resort

Day 7 Optional. Orang-utan Sanctuary, Botanical Gardens treasure trove of orchids, Pitcher Plants, ferns, rainforest, tree canopy walks, lakes and beautiful birdlife. Australian War Memorial, Sandakan City, Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary or relaxing at the resort

Day 8 A comfortable coach to the famous Poring Hot Springs NP. Great jungle walks, Parkes Interps Centre, waterfalls, Butterfly Farm, Orchid Garden, tree canopy walk (high), restaurants, shopping, water slide, the hot springs and a tame Orang-utan.

Day 9 Another day at Poring Hot Springs to enjoy the swimming pools, thermal hot baths, local shopping food stalls or a walk to some of the 3 spectacular waterfalls.

Day 10 a short bus or taxi has us at Mt Kinabalu World Heritage Park (cool to mild) with spectacular scenery of the 4,100 metre summit, rainforest walks, expect to see abundant wildlife including many spectacular birds. It is also possible to organize an overnight climb to the summit of Mt Kinabalu but it must be booked months in advance

Day 11 Another day exploring Mt Kinabalu Park, enjoying the interps. Centre, several cafe's, restaurants, souvenir shops, the Orchid Garden or enjoying the cool misty mountain scenery to name a few options.

Day 12 Bus back to Kinabalu Beach Resort for 3 days of options. Relaxing by the pool, visit a bird sanctuary, shopping at the waterfront markets where we often meet Malay families, eager for a chat

Day 13 A day trip out to the beautiful Manukan Island for snorkelling, swimming or soaking up the sun. Day 14 A drive up to the cool temperate rainforest of the Crocker Range National Park to enjoy waterfalls, rainforest walks, lots of butterflies and a good chance to see the Rafflesia, up to one meter across they are the world s largest flower. Day 15 Australia

TOUR DATES For 2018   August 8 to August 22

Approximate cost : Currently offering $2,950 including airfares from Melb for our Standard Tour and from $4,675 for our Premier Tours Per Person Twin share (less for children under 12) includes all tours, accommodation, an Australian Guide & Wildlife Photographer, photographic tuition, Local Guides in some parks, transport, boat tours,all breakfasts, some mains , domestic flight. Not included : Some main meals approximately $130 to $175 for the duration of the tour and alcohol. This tour can be booked at the above cost for 4 or more people and you may choose your tour dates.

Please Note: The above itinerary is a guide only, tours can be tailored to your interests. A stop over in Brunei or an extra day in Singapore for shopping can be organized. Most tours on the day are optional. Clyde & Travelscene will organize the entire tour for you and offer the best airfares & Travel Insurance.

CONTACT : Clyde on 0427684701 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For airfares and dates

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