Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far do we walk each day in Nepal, Borneo, Madagascar and Philippines ?
A: Approximately 10 - 15kms on flat trail and 3 -8 kms on uneven ground. In Madagascar, Borneo and Philippines optional walks of 1-5 kms are available

Q: Am I too old?
A: Our tours cater for most age groups including active seniors.

Q: Will I be fit enough?
A: Yes, If you are active, enjoy walking, and have undertaken some basic training.for Nepal trekking But please contact us for more advice. Madagascar hiking is easy to moderate, most hiking in Borneo and Philippines is very easy but hot.

Q: Will I hold up the group?
A: Our tours are designed to allow you to walk at your own pace to take photos and enjoy the local culture, a guide or porter walks at the back of each group in Nepal. We also provide our groups with small UHF radios for communication on our Nepal treks

Q: Can I find a toilet on the trail in Nepal?
A: Yes, we frequently pass lodges which provide toilets.Most lodges throughout the Nepal trekking regions now provide western toilets.

Q: Can I get a hot shower in Nepal?
A: Most of our lodges have hot showers and hot bucket bath is always available.Hot and cold showers are available in all our Borneo, Madagascar and Philippine accommodations

Q: What about food and safe water?
A: Please refer to Accommodation, food and safe water.

Q: Can I wash clothes?
A: Yes, all accommodations in each country we visit have a laundry service, you may also    wash by hand in some locations if you prefer

Q: Altitude, how high do we trek?
A: Please refer to our Nepal and Borneo information pages. Acclimatization days are built in to all our Nepal trekking tours

Q: Can we get sick?
A: It is possible but no more than at home. About 10% of trekkers have a short reaction to different food and water. Your Doctor can advise on appropriate medications. Personal hygiene is important. Hygiene & food preperation and food standards have inproved considerably in Nepal since 2010. Standards in Madagascar, Philippines, Borneo, remain excellent at the locations we stay

Q: What vaccinations do I need?
A: Speak to your local GP about appropriate immunisations for the Nepal, Borneo, Madagascar and the Philippines.
Or contact the Travellers Medical and Vaccination Centre

Q: What airlines do we use?
A: Thai, Singapore, Royal Brunei, Air Mauritius, Air Asia, Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin and Cebu Pacific Air (depending on destination)


Q: IS IT SAFE !!! ?
A: This is a very important issue for us and both the "media" and "DEFAT" (Department of Foreign Affairs) can create a very misleading view. As an example: The Philippines is often portrayed as a dangerous country for tourists due to ongoing political unrest on the island of Mindanao however Mindanao is just 1 of the 7,107 Philippine islands and 99.9 % are very safe. It has often been suggested that DFAT recommend you do not go anywhere so you cannot blame them if anything goes wrong. You may be missing out on the most rewarding experience of a lifetime.

Safe tourism is vital to a countries economy and we have regular updates on domestic & political issues from our staff in each country. As in Australia any large city has its dangers to the unwary and such places are avoided on our tours with the support of educated local guides in each country. We have never experienced dangerous situations in any of the 4 countries we specialize in, including 5 years of political unrest in Nepal between 2005 and 2010.

Travel Insurance is compulsory on all our tours. You may organize your own Insurance or have us organize it for you through TRAVELSCENE, Bright, (Licence No 30672) Victoria, Australia. Phone (0061) 3 57551121  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PLEASE NOTE: A $A500 Booking Fee is required to secure a booking on a tour and soon after you may be required to pay the full amount for the International Airfare to hold it at a current price. These costs can be paid by Credit Card over the phone to TRAVELSCENE Bright, Ph 0061 3 57551121 or Wangaratta 03 57229600

IF YOU ARE BOOKING FROM OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA Please be aware that PAYPAL will deduct a fee from your payment. You will be required to pay that fee to Aus Global Soft Adventure. It will cost you much less to pay by Credit Card over the phone or Fax or a Direct Deposit to our Bank Account. A Receipt will follow. 

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